The Abbey logophotofinal2The Abbey will be a Christian worshiping community located in the Fernwood / Oaklands neighbourhood of Victoria. As the name “The Abbey” suggests, we hope to be a place of prayer and sanctuary for all.

* Launching: October 4, 2015 (The day the church remembers St. Francis)
* Time: the Abbey will host a regular (weekly) Sunday afternoon – likely a 4pm gathering.
*  Format: We will share bread and wine together at Jesus’ table each week (Eucharist/Communion)
* Location: Fernwood/Oaklands.  We’re in conversation with a few great sites at the moment!

At the Abbey we will strive to:

* drink from the many ‘streams of living water’ of the Christian faith
* be musically eclectic (Palestrina, Rend Collective, Taize chant, traditional hymnody, bluegrass / roots & Leonard Cohen are all welcome)
* be a place that welcomes questions and messiness
* be rooted in living tradition as well as breathe new life into ancient ways of worshiping (an ‘ancient-future’ faith)
* encourage artistic input – welcoming the gifts of artists
* seek to send us out to be signs, servants and symbols of God’s reign
* be (truly and deeply!) welcoming to and affirming the gifts of all; regardless of age, culture/ethnicity, economic strata, sexuality or gender
* draw on the many gifts of leadership in music, preaching/teaching & liturgy in the community
* be consciously welcoming to people on the margins of church, culture and society
* above all, be Christ-centred (focused on Jesus – and the Triune God).

In many ‘church plants’ there are big budgets to pay staff (who are often imported from other places). We are working on a grassroots, ‘small is beautiful’ model – focusing on the gifts of people – and planting right in the neighbourhood where we live. In this sense we hope to be an organic, sustainable, rooted presence for the long-term and not dependent on large outside donations for staffing or building budgets.

The Abbey is a part of the new monastic “Emmaus Community”  which seeks to engage a way to live our faith 24/7 and be sent together into our neighbourhood and beyond. As a community we pray together most weekdays and seek to live lives of hospitality with and to those on the margins. As a community we have a commitment to prayer, presence and simplicity.

We are actively looking for others to form the core “Abbey” team! Interested in participating or even in donating to the cause?

Drop Rob or Meagan a line at and we’ll tell you more.