Way way back (OK, maybe 8 or 9 years ago now) Meagan Crosby, Rob Shearer and Ernest Morrow felt a call to dream about what a ‘monastery in the city’ might look like as a way of re-imagining church.  The movement known as ‘new monasticism‘ was still in its infancy.   They toyed with a name “The Community of The Reconciliation”, based on the great reconciliation which happens in Revelation 22, where God ‘tents’ with humanity and all is well – and wrote and exchanged very wordy drafts of a Rule of Life!

Ernest went off to seminary in the USA and formed “Community of the Reconciliation” (Berkeley) and lived that vision for a few years.  Meagan and Rob got married (and became Meagan and Rob Crosby-Shearer) and landed in Toronto and planted the Jeremiah Community, which they were leaders in from late 2008 until 2012.

When (the now Rev.) Ernest got back to B.C. he established a new version of CotR  At that time, the community described itself like this: “The vision of the Community of the Reconciliation is for the monastery to be turned inside out.  No more on the outskirts of the city with access mediated by the church, the need is for a monastic vision to take root in our neighbourhood; a bold model of community, faith and practice that can once again offer its gifts in the service of all God’s children. …It is a place of functional, intentional community; a place where prayer is taught and spiritual direction is offered; a place of prophetic nonviolent witness for justice and peace; and a place that supports and uplifts the neighbourhood with the steady heartbeat of daily prayer and devotion.”  CotR was housed as part of the Anglican Diocese of BC.

In 2012,  Meagan and Rob (and their family) moved to Victoria.  Shortly thereafter Ernest headed back to the USA and Meagan and Rob took over Community of the Reconciliation as co-directors.

In 2013, we decided to ‘re-boot’ and re-name the community “Emmaus Community” and begin to follow up on Ernest’s intention “to find a space that can function as a home for worship and prayer …establishing regular daily office and Eucharistic worship as the foundation for building the relationships that will be the cornerstone of a residential community.”  

Which is where we are at now.

Emmaus Community is seeking people who might wish to root in a specific neighbourhood here in Victoria and live an experiment in New Monastic / Incarnational / Intentional Christian Community.   Please look through these pages and see if anything resonates with you.  We’d love if you / your family would prayerfully consider joining us in the adventure in Christ!

If you’re interested, please do drop us a line and lets have a conversation!