emmaus chapel
Saturday October 11 at 5pm
1702 Belmont Ave. # 2

Thanksgiving weekend seems like a good time to give thanks for the gift of home and community.

We hope you will be able to celebrate with us!

Bishop Logan McMenamie (Anglican Diocese of BC) will join us for the blessing and consecrate the chapel – which will happen at 5pm on October 11. 7pm will be our housewarming party with a DJ’d dance that evening!

Join us for one or both events!

 That same day we will be receiving our first “novices”.

A “novice” is an older monastic term which means that a person is undergoing intentional discernment to potentially be a covenanted part of the community.  Our novice process will last 8-9 months of living the Rhythm of Life (weekday prayer together, Sabbath practice, presence in the neighbourhood, etc.), attending the series on the Marks of A New Monasticism (which will begin mid-October – info forthcoming) and checking in with each other twice a month.

We will be assisted by Sr. Brenda, SSJD and some Franciscan friars.  If you’re potentially interested in becoming a novice, or would like more information about our Rhythm of Life,  drop us a line and we’ll have a conversation.
 After the novice period, novices will discern with the community whether they are ready to become a Covenanted Member (Companion) – taking vows of prayer, simplicity and presence for a one-year, renewable period – or becoming a Friend of the community.