A number of people, representing both traditional and new monastic communities with some connection to the Anglican Church of Canada, as well as representatives from the House of Bishops Standing Community on Religious Communities met in March 2014 at the convent of the Sisters of St. John the Divine in Toronto.

We gathered to learn each others’ stories, discuss how we might support each other and how we might relate to the wider Church.

consultation march 2014 group


The communities were, in no particular order:
– Community of the Sisters of the Church (Canada)
– Order of the Holy Cross (Holy Cross Priory – Toronto)
– Sisterhood of St. John The Diviine (Toronto, ON and Victoria, BC)
– Oratory of the Good Shepherd (Dispersed)
– Society of Our Lady of St. Mary (Digby, Nova Scotia) .pdf description
– Jeremiah Communty (Toronto, ON)
– Emmaus Community (Victoria, BC)
– Threshold Ministries (Dispersed / Evangelist Formation with New Monastic Rule)
– Contemplative Fire (Toronto)
The Worker Sisters and Brothers of the Holy Spirit (Dispersed)
– Third Order of the Society of St. Francis – Province of the Americas (Dispersed)

Many of the traditional communities are members of CAROA (The Conference of Anglican Religious Orders in the Americas) and some communities represented are members of NAECC (The National Association of Episcopal Christian Communities) – which is currently only registered in the USA.  Many other communities can be found on both the CAROA and NAECC sites.

This gathering was called together by the Canadian House of Bishops’ Standing Committee on Religious Communities and was supported by the Anglican Foundation of Canada, The Diocese of Toronto, SSJD, CAROA, CSC and OHC.

Because they are not Canadian, the following communities did not meet – but are listed here because they represent a more ‘church plant’ expression of New Monasticism that is happening within the Anglican Communion or with bodies in full communion with the Anglican Communion:

Church of The Apostles (Seattle, Wa – Episcopal)
Church of The Beloved / Rosewood Community (Bellingham, Wa – Lutheran)
The Moot Community (London, UK – Church of England)