The Emmaus Community is a New Monastic community whose recognition of Christ in our midst leads us to walk the Way of love through prayer, simplicity and presence with each other and in our neighbourhood.

Welcome!  As we dream about community, we  have started to set a few ‘waymarkers’ or ‘values’ to guide us.  These may yet shift, but give an idea of the ‘flavour’ of our life together.  If you’d like more of a picture of what we thing Emmaus might look like, check out Our Vision page as well.

Here are some values. We will strive to be:

  • a place to encounter Christ along the way
  •  a place where prayer and Sabbath is lived and shared  
  • a place of stability and of pilgrimage
  • a place of prophetic nonviolent witness for justice and peace
  •  a place where we are sent out together into our neighbourhood to come alongside what God is  already doing;  building relationships of peace and reconciliation
  •  a place of simpler living and care for creation
  •  a place for all ages and stages; for singles, partners and families; children and elders…
  •  a place of confession, encouragement, accountability, and forgiveness
  •  a place of radical hospitality and welcome;  where meals, homes and stories are shared
  •  a place where we can examine the wounds in our lives and find a place for lament and healing as well as celebration and affirmation
  •  a place where art and creativity give flavour and shape to our lives
  •  a place to practice prophetic imagination around sharing, economics and wageearning
  •  a place of creative worship rooted in ancient ways; where we meet Christ in the breaking of the bread

A simple summary of the Christian story is found in the words of the ancient Apostles Creed and we seek to live our vision through the lens of this sacred story.

We are a ministry of the Anglican Diocese of B.C.  (Part of the Anglican Church of Canada) and the Victoria  Presbytery of the United Church of Canada.  We are ecumenical/inter-denominational in our membership and welcome Christians and sojourners of all stripes into the conversation.


Note: We are extremely grateful to Daniel Bonnell for granting permission to use “The Road To Emmaus #2” as our site header.  Please check out his amazing art here and support him in any way that you can.